In the process of applications, clouds, networks and physical security. It is better to evaluate before buying technologies, services, we do it for you, we create policies, standards and guides that comply with the legal guidelines of data management.


We configure cloud security, agree on the security of applications in CI and CD pipes and security improvements based on the creation of solutions with Artificial.

Trainings in application security, security, deployment and integration of clouds.


Programming of secure applications in different languages: .NET, Java, Javascript, for different industries bank, government, And security testings with Artificial Inteligence.

App Sec Work?

The SANS (SysAdmin Audit, Networking and Security Institute) determines in 2017 what to do secure development, it is more efficient for computer security than the use of SIEMS, pentesting equipment.

How we work?

Security using the characteristics of clouds, and artificial intelligence to do security.

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