Our Vision

There is no better attack than a good defense that starts in the source code and reaches the perimeter security in the Clouds.

Our History

Be started in 2015, based in the reinforcement code security and in 2018 it includes security in the cloud perimeter in services to Blue Teams.

Meet the team

People to think in security, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Gustavo Nieves

Consultant-App Sec and Cloud Security

Ingeniero Informatico

Owasp Trainer

Owasp Chapter Leader

-Research Publish for the IEEE:

Cloud Security Develop secure app in Cloud-2019


-Ex -Cisco TrainerĀ 

-Menber of Cloud Security Alliance

Katryn Velazco

Professional Services

Professional with a Master’s degree in Marketing and more than 15 years of experience in the technology.

Proven experience in surveying, developing and standardizing processes to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

Strengths working under pressure in highly regulated environments with high uncertainty, as well as understanding the client’s requirements in order to build the solution that best suits their needs.

Development of teams focused on excellence and work with autonomy. Achievement oriented, strategic and conceptual thinking, Influence, creativity, empathy, and communication, seen as the ability to connect effectively with people of different levels and profiles.

Lubyn Rodriguez

PMO – Consultant Network and Perimeter Security

Professional with ten years of experience in the telecommunications area.

Management and implementation of high-tech machinery in metal detection and x-ray machines, management of integrated security, access and video control center.

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