We help in the selection and configuration of tools for application security, deployment, migration and security in Clouds, whether they are open sources or private tools, selections are made based on the client needs. Dynamic creation and integration of tests in CI and CD pipelines, review of security reports, discarding of false positives and troubleshooting of application security problems. Creation of standards for the implementation and use of clouds.

Secure Development Workshops

We offer product safety, containers and cloud workshops for companies or individuals, online and face-to-face modality

-Secure programming libraries 

-Security implementation process in the CI / CD cycle 

-Threat modeling 

– We guide you with the installation and configuration of App Sec tools, application security process and implementation and migration of Clouds

Security Perimeter

Installation of SIEMs, Firewalls, network configuration, security camera services and digital security equipment. Implementation and design of Server Farm among others.

Comprehensive application security

We give a complete department that focuses on training, evaluation, installation for safe development, we help you to learn how to analyze vulnerability reports, how to rule out false positives and schedule remediations or implement Clouds measures.
We review security requirements against threat models and protect development in continuous integration cycle. Application security starts in code and ends in the cloud.