We help in the selections, configuration of tools or services for do applications and Clouds security;

no matter its are Open sources or private, selections make base in the clients needs.

Dynamic testing creation and integration with CI and CD cycles, reviewing security reports, discard false positives and troubleshooting application security.

And in the other steps of the applications security.

Implementations of standers, Guide and Complainces to the Clouds.

Secure Development Workshops

To companies or individuals, product and cloud security implementations

Workshops for teams lead, programmers, analysts, the Workshops can take it online and in person.

-Secure programming Libraries

-Process of implement security in CI/CD cycle

-Threat modeling

-How install and configure App Sec tools

-The process in applications security

-Configure Clouds

-Cloud Security

-Container Security

Security Perimeter

installation of Firewalls, SIEMs, network configuration, camera services and digital security equipment.

Server farm, wireless networks.

Comprehensive application security

Secure development is more than add field validators, App Sec are training, evaluating tools, installing, learning to analyze reports, learning to discard false positives.

Review security requirements with the threat model, and secure development in the continuous integration cycle.

It is a complete department as agile or software quality was in its initials moments.

Applications Security start in the code and finish in the cloud providers.